Yamaha Tone Generator MU100R
The MU100R tone generator brings the world's greatest musical instrument sounds together with multi-purpose functionality, simple operation and convenience - all built right in. It all comes in a 1-unit rack-mount package that truly sets the standard as the ideal multiple-part, professional quality tone generator with maximum compatibility that can hold its own in any musician's setup.

A Flagship XG Tone Generator
A flagship XG tone generator in its own right, complete with numerous dynamic AWM2 voices, 2 convenient AD inputs, 7 independent multi-effects, Performance layer voices and the general ease of use. Whatever your music situation, whether you need something a little extra special in a stage or studio rack, or a serious tone generator for a simple but powerful composing suite or solo performer setup, the MU100R integrates seamlessly into literally any modern music system.

The Standard On-board Equipment for Voices
The MU100R features as standard on-board equipment with a more than 1250 PCM voices on 20.0 MB wave ROM, 256 monophonic VL (Virtual Acoustic) type voices (great for play via MIDI using a Wind MIDI Controller).

Special "VH Insertion" Type Effects
These four "VH Insertion" type effects are especially suited for adding harmony effects to a human voice signal received at the AD inputs. They include Vocoder Harmony (three voices harmonized), Chordal Harmony (adds harmony to the voice based on chords played on the keyboard), Detune Harmony (creates a chorus effect) and Chromatic Harmony (harmony is determined independent of MIDI incoming signals).

A generous 64 notes of polyphony means you'll never need to worry about important notes cutting off. The MU100R also includes one additional monophonic note available for a Virtual Acoustic voice part.

Seven independent digital multi-effect selections, a 2-band "Part EQ" which can be applied to each part and a 5-band "Main EQ" for the overall mix. The MU100R has an automatic "Harmony" effect for a vocal signal.

Hundreds and Hundreds of Great Sounds, Plus Simple Voice Editing
Literally every type of sound you could ever want or need is at your fingertips. The MU100R has 1523 voices and 46 drum kits - complete with essential sound filtering, envelope generator control and EQ functions to let you finely tailor the sound of any voice just the way you want. Included in the MU100R's voice list is a bank of 256 monophonic VL "Virtual Acoustic" type voices especially designed for breathtakingly natural solo instrument sounds.

Easy Multitimbral "Part" Setup
An uncompromising multitimbral tone generator, the MU100R features a "Multi" mode which lets you quickly and easily assign any voice to an individual instrument "part". Dual independent MIDI inputs and one output allow you to configure two full sets of 16 instrument parts (across 16 MIDI channels for each MIDI input/output). This provides 32-part multitimbral capacity, which effectively gives you the power of two generators in one!

Performance Mode
A 4-voice "performance" mode lets you stack up to four voices in a "layer" and play them all from a single MIDI channel. You can configure a rich layer of voices to play simultaneously across the entire keyboard, or map each voice to a specified note range. You can even set up each voice to be triggered via key velocity, which provides enormous flexibility in live situations. A bank of 100 Preset Performances are available for instant recall, and you can create and store 100 User Performances.

Multiple Effects Processors
Built inside the MUR100 is a virtual rack of multiple digital effects with highly flexible signal routing capabilities designed to give you the flexibility to apply two or three different effects to specific voices, while still having separate reverb and chorus effects available for the overall mix. There are seven independent effect sections, including three "System" type effects which can be applied to any and all parts, two "Insertion" type effects for any specific part you wish.

Onboard Part and System EQs
System effects include 12 Reverb and 14 Chorus types of effects, plus 70 Variation type effects which include additional reverb and chorus effects, plus delays, pitch change, distortion effects and much, much more. Insertion effects include two independent sections, each with 43 types of effects. What's more, a 2-band "Part EQ" (available in both Multi and Performance modes) can be applied to each individual part at will. (Variation effects can be either System or Insertion).

Two A/D Inputs for Adding External Mono or Stereo Parts
Flexible to the core, the MU100R sports two front-panel A/D (Analog-to-Digital) Inputs which allow you directly to connect external sound sources which are treated as additional "parts". This means they can be added to the mix like any of the 32 other instrument parts, complete with on-board effects applied. So there's no need for an external mixer. This lets you, for example, connect a microphone and sing a live vocal part with just the right EQ and reverb applied.

GM and XG Operation Plus Maximum Compatibility
The MU100R features full GM and Yamaha XG MIDI format implementation, which provides for faithful reproduction of commercially available Standard MIDI Files, as well as easy integration into a computer-based music system. There is even a TO HOST terminal on the rear panel for direct connection to a computer, and a HOST SELECT switch to let you designate MIDI, Mac or PC applications


  • 20MB ROM
  • 64 note polyphony
  • Additional monophonic note available for a Virtual Acoustic voice part
  • 32-part multitimbral
  • 1250 PCM voices
  • GM and XG compatibility
  • Digital Multi FX
  • Two A/D Inputs
  • Built in computer interface

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