Today's music production demands a synthesizer that's capable of producing fresh cutting-edge sounds that have never been heard before. Introducing the CS6x a stylish synthesizer made for the next generation of electronic dance music. This synth gives you the power to transform your musical ideas into reality by providing a huge selection of incredibly fat onboard voices, from all the essential standards to funky acid basses, massive analog pads and floor-pounding drum kits. But that's not all. The CS6x also features sampling capability, so you can create your own rhythm loops and sample phrases and use them in your music. And for the tweak freak in you, the CS6x sports 19 parameter knobs for endless real-time sound creation and control. Need more power than that? The CS6X can accommodate Yamaha Modular Synthesis Plug-in System Boards, allowing you to add new synthesis possibilities, from FM synthesis to physical modeling, easily and cost-effectively.

Ultimate Real-time Control
In the world of dance music, creating fresh tracks means being able to come up with never-before-heard sounds and control them on the fly. Accordingly, the CS6x gives you 14 preset and 5 assignable parameter control knobs that allow you to shape your sound exactly the way you want. Control the filter resonance and cutoff, reverb and chorus depth, EQ, panning and more...all in real-time! For further real-time sound control, the CS6x is also equipped with an assignable modulation wheel and ribbon controller. What's more, each of these knobs and controllers transmits MIDI control data, giving you the ability to record and play back all your "tweaks" with a MIDI sequencer.

For instant musical inspiration, the CS6x and CS6R feature a sophisticated arpeggiator capable of generating a wide variety of rhythm sequences at the press of a key. A total of 128 pattern templates are provided, from smooth scales to radical funk grooves. By pressing the HOLD button, the arpeggiator will continue to play any notes you select, allowing you to take your hands off the keyboard and tweak some knobs. What's even cooler is that the arpeggiator can be sync'd to an external sequencer or used to control other MIDI synthesizers.

Cutting Edge Voices
The CS6x and CS6R are packed with hundreds of amazing voices designed for creating music with an impact. Along with a full array of essential voices, such as pianos and strings, these synths are packed with a huge selection of acid synth leads, speaker-thumping basses and hard-hitting drum kits - a sonic oasis for producers of hip-hop and techno music. Plus you'll find a seemingly endless variety of sonic textures that provide the inspiration you need to explore new musical dimensions.

Phrase Clips
Not only do the CS6x and CS6R feature a killer selection of onboard voices, they also allow you to sample your own sounds, making them the ideal tool for dance music producers, DJ's and remix artists. Both synths feature a generous 4MB of sampling memory for creating drum loops, sound effects and other phrase samples. Once a phrase is sampled, you can use the Loop Remix/LoopDivide function to create new sample variations without using up additional sample memory.

20 Multitimbral Parts with 64-Note Polyphony
Both the CS6x and CS6R provide support for up to 20 different voice parts (16 internal + 2 plug-in + 1 A/D input + 1 phrase clip), allowing you to produce fully arranged songs. And with 64 notes of polyphony, you can create thick-layered sounds and complex rhythm arrangements without worrying about voices dropping out of the mix.

Multi-Mode Filters
The CS6x and CS6R feature some of the fattest, most dynamic sounds available in a synth today. To achieve such an incredible sound, these synths employ multi-mode filters in their voice architecture, allowing a combination of resonant filters to be assigned individually to each note - a low pass and high pass filter, for example. As a result, the onboard voices deliver more punch and expression.

Digital Effects
Effects are an important part of the sound creation process, and to ensure you have all the signal processing power you need the CS6x and CS6R feature an advanced DSP chip that allows up to 5 independent effects to be used simultaneously. Over 100 high-quality digital effects are provided, ranging from spacious echoes and reverbs to special effects such as Auto Synth and Beat Change.

A/D Input
Add a creative edge to your music by plugging an external audio source - such as a microphone, CD player, or even another synthesizer - into the CS6x or CS6R and running the signal through the onboard digital effects processor. For even more creative versatility, you can use the A/D input in conjunction with the PLG100-VH plug-in board to add powerful harmony or vocoding effects to your voice.

SMF Playback Sequencer
Now you can leave your computer at home the next time you perform live at a club event. Both the CS6x and CS6R are equipped with a Standard MIDI File (format 0) playback sequencer. By storing your original SMF sequences from an external sequencer onto a SmartMedia ( TM) card, you can give an entire live performance using just the CS6x or CS6R! The sequencer can also transmit MIDI data to other synthesizers in your setup. Chain playback of up to 100 songs is possible.

Scene Control
Arguably one of the most intuitive features of the CS6x, Scene memory lets you take a snapshot of the keyboard's current knob settings (such as attack, decay, resonance and cutoff) for instant recall at the touch of a button. Using the Scene Control knob, you can "morph" between each Scene in realtime, just as if you were tweaking several knobs at the same time. This function gives you the power to create a low droning bass line and slowly transform it into a resonant liquid lead with massive amounts of reverb and delay. Or, give an ultra realistic string performance by alternating between Scenes of a mellow string pad and a bright string staccato

Individual Outputs
In addition to their main stereo outputs, the CS6x and CS6R have two individual audio output jacks, allowing you to process specific voices, or even the A/D input signal, through an external effects processor or separate channels on a mixing board.

Modular Synthesis Plug-in System
Yamaha's Modular Synthesis Plug-in System is a totally unique approach to keyboard expansion. Unlike conventional expansion boards, which only give you extra PCM samples, these Plug-in Boards add a complete synthesizer engine to the CS6x/CS6R. Two expansion slots are provided, allowing you to customize these synthesizers with the exact synthesis power you need-analog physical modeling, FM synthesis, and more!

SmartMedia (TM) Storage
Both the CS6x and CS6R are equipped with a SmartMedia (TM) memory card slot, allowing you to store keyboard data, including phrase clips, SMF sequences, voices and performance setups, conveniently on SmartMedia (TM) cards. A SmartMedia (TM) card can also serve as an extra voice bank for a wider selection of onboard sounds. One 4MB SmartMedia (TM) card containing a demonstration song file is included with the CS6x and CS6R.


  • 64 Note Polyphony
  • 19 Control Knobs for easy analog style editing
  • Arpeggiator
  • Digital FX
  • SMF Playback Sequencer
  • Built in computer interface
  • 4MB of sampling memory
  • SmartMedia memory card slot
  • 2 Slots for Plug-in Boards
  • Slick new cosmetic design

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