The RA-95 is a real-time arranger featuring a wide variety of music styles
and 241 GS compatible Tones. Its 3.5" HD disk drive provides direct from
disk playback and recording. Included with the RA-95 is a User Style Disk
containing 66 custom Music Styles. GS Mode is provided for using the RA-95
with an external sequencer or playing Standard MIDI Files. The RA-95 also
features an input for the FC-7 Foot Controller, allowing hands-free control
of the elements within the Music Styles. It can also be used with acoustic
keyboards using the optional KP-24 Acoustic Keyboard Pickup.

  1. Power on while holding REC.
Playing the Demo Song
  1. Press START/STOP to stop the rhythm (if it is playing).
  2. Press and hold DEMO in the MUSIC STYLE section.
  3. Use the [5]-[8] buttons (under MUSIC STYLE) to start playing one of the 4 demo songs.
  4. Press START/STOP to stop playing the demo song.
Setting up your MIDI Instrument
The RA-95 has several power-up modes for connecting different MIDI devices. Hold down the desired button while turning the power on:
Music Style 1 Acoustic Piano setup with KP-24 (RRC)
Music Style 2Digital Piano and Synth
Music Style 3Master Keyboard
Music Style 4Accordion 1
Music Style 5Accordion 2
Music Style 6MIDI Guitar with Foot switch
Music Style 7Organ 1
Music Style 6Organ 2
Use the following procedure to setup the RA-95 with a digital piano/synth controlling the arranger in the lower section and a single instrument in the upper section:
  1. Power on the RA-95 while holding MUSIC STYLE 2
  2. Set the MIDI/RRC switch to "MIDI IN 2."
  3. Connect a MIDI cable from MIDI OUT of your digital piano/synth to MIDI IN 2 on the RA-95.
Selecting Tones
  1. Press GROUP A or b in the UPPER TONE section.
  2. Use the [1]-[8] buttons (under UPPER TONE) to select the desired BANK.
  3. Use the [1]-[8] buttons (under UPPER TONE) to select the desired NUMBER.
  4. Use the VARIATION button (under UPPER TONE) to select different variations of that Tone.
Assigning a Split Point
  1. Press PARAMETER (under SONG/EDIT).
  2. Use the SELECT+/- buttons (under SONG/EDIT) to display "SPL."
  3. Use the DATA +/- buttons (under SONG/EDIT) to select the desired MIDI note number for the split point. For example, to set a split point of C4 (middle C) you would select "60."
Playing Songs (SMF) from Disks
  1. Insert a disk containing a Standard MIDI File into the floppy disk drive.
  2. Use the PREV and NEXT buttons to select a song.
  3. Press PLAY.
Muting Parts on SMFs (GS Mode)
  1. Press SONG MODE so it is lit.
  2. Press PARAMETER.
  3. Use the PART LEFT (<) and RIGHT (>) buttons to select the desired Part.
  4. Press the MUTE button to mute the Part.
Playing Arrangements
  1. Press ON/OFF in the ARRANGER SECTION so it is lit.
  2. Press CHORD MEMORY so it is lit.
  3. Use the [1]-[8] buttons (under MUSIC STYLE) to select the desired BANK.
  4. Use the [1]-[8] buttons (under MUSIC STYLE) to select the desired NUMBER.
  5. Press START/STOP and play a chord on the lower portion of your keyboard or MIDI controller.
  6. Press ORIGINAL, VARIATION, FILL, INTRO or ENDING to hear each section of the arrangements.
Changing Accompaniment Part Levels
  1. Use the UPPER, ACCOMP, BASS, and DRUMS < and > buttons (under BALANCE) to adjust the volume for each accompaniment Part as desired.
  2. Press the < and > buttons simultaneously to mute or unmute that Part.
  1. Insert a disk into the floppy disk drive.
  2. If necessary, format the disk by holding DISK and pressing FORMAT in the SONG SELECT section. Press REC. Wait until the format is complete.
  3. Press SYNC START if you wish to use the Arranger section. Press REC and begin playing.

    Note: To start recording without activating the Arranger section, press REC followed by PLAY and then start playing.

  4. Press STOP when you are finished.
Loading Music Styles
  1. Insert a disk containing a Music Style and press LOAD.
  2. Use the SEARCH buttons to choose a Style number on the disk.
  3. Choose a Style location by pressing one of the Music Style buttons (1 to 4).
  4. Wait for the red LED next to the word DISK in the window to stop blinking, then press LOAD.
  5. Press DISK in the Music Style section.
  6. Press the User Style button designated in step #3 to select that style.

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