Roland A-30 MIDI Keyboard Controller

Roland A-30 Support Documents:
PDF Manual A-30 Owner's Manual

The Roland A-30 is a user-friendly MIDI keyboard controller with all the essential MIDI functions -- but at a more affordable price than comparably equipped keyboard controllers. It features 76 weighted keys and MIDI In, OUT and THRU for comprehensive command abilities and operational versatility. Capable of handling everything from onstage performance duties to studio programming, the A-30 boasts an unlimited range of applications. It is even battery operable for spontaneous control whenever and wherever it's required.

Greater expressive control.
The A-30's piano style keyboard has a 76-note range and weighted action to satisfy even the most discerning musicians. The velocity-sensitive keyboard responds to your touch, accurately reproducing the feeling and subtleties of your individual performance. With three selectable velocity curves, the A-30 allows you to find that all-important keyboard feel -- not only for your individual playing style, but also for the sounds and musical genre you're working in. Changing keys over a two-octave range is done simply by pressing the octave Up/Down button. This extends the keyboard control to accommodate the full MIDI note range. With the Key Transpose function, the A-30 lets you play even the most intricate chords or solos in the key most comfortable to you.

For added expression, the A-30 is equipped with a Bender/Modulation lever.

A powerful controller for stage or studio.
The A-30 has two key zones, enabling you to split the keyboard into upper and lower zones. You can also choose either Single, Split or Layer key mode. In split mode, for example, you can play bass with your left hand and violin with your right. Layer mode lets you combine different sounds -- like piano and strings -- for an enhanced variety of creative performing styles.

Each zone can also be assigned to an independent MIDI channel setting. This affords additional control via MIDI OUTPUT ON/OFF switches. A sustain switch can be controlled separately for each zone or for the two zones together. The built-in Data Entry slider provides full MIDI parameter control for quick data programming in the studio and comprehensive realtime control during performance.

Easy access to an immense variety of GM/GS sounds.
The A-30 allows you to directly select Instrument Group Tones from easy-to-see logic buttons. This is especially useful when using the A-30 with popular GM/GS sound modules. With the "CC00" button you can quickly change banks to access the GS Variation Tone required for swift and effortless control over GS sounds.

Direct sequencer control.
With the Start/Stop button, you can start or stop an external MIDI sequencer directly from the keyboard. You can also use the Data Entry slider to control tempo, a feature especially useful for solo performers.

32 Patches for instant selection.
The A-30 allows you to store up to 32 instantly retrievable Patches in its memory. Simply save parameter settings to an assigned Patch, which of course can be edited and programmed to suit your specific creative requirements. Factory preset Patches are configured to match GS sound modules and each Patch contains Tone selections, upper and lower zones,volume level, reverb/chorus, MIDI channel settings and ON/OFF status. Connect the A-30 to a GS sound module, press the desired Patch button and you'll retrieve settings ideally suited to your MIDI system, right away!


  • Professional weighted 76-note velocity-sensitive keyboard
  • MIDI IN, OUT and THRU sockets
  • Two key zones, split and Layer modes
  • 32 user patch locations; 32 presets for use with GM/GS sound modules
  • Dedicated buttons for Octave Up/Down keyboard transposition, +2 octaves
  • Start/Stop button for sequencer control
  • Bender/Modulation lever for added expression
  • Battery or AC powered

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