A Stage Piano for the Next Century
The A-90EX is a landmark in the evolution of the stage piano, offering incredibly realistic piano sounds, a full 88-key hammer-action keyboard and a range of powerful controller capabilities. A triumph of art and technology, the A-90EX combines the latest digital, mechanical and musical technologies to emulate the timeless sound and performance of a concert grand piano. Imagine the incomparable sound of a concert grand, the expressive action of a fine acoustic keyboard, the comprehensive MIDI functions of a master controller -- all in a portable stage unit. Then experience the reality of the A-90EX.

Superb internal sound source
The A-90EX's sound source is a technological marvel -- the end result of an exhaustive and detailed sampling process. First, the finest concert grands from around the world were evaluated and the best of these were selected for sampling. Each note was then sampled individually under carefully controlled conditions. Mic position, stage and hall acoustics, and dynamic tonal variations were considered. After extensive trial and error, the very best samples were selected and incorporated into the sound source. The results are unmistakable -- the pure sound of one of history's finest instruments: the Grand Piano.

The A-90EX's sound source features a huge wave memory capacity equivalent to 24 Mbytes with 16-bit linear conversion. This gives you access to a wide variety of sounds, including two types of true stereo-sampled grand pianos, various styles of acoustic pianos, a variety of electric pianos including classic Rhodes sounds and a generous selection of synthesizer textures. The versatility of these sounds is enhanced with an impressive 64-voice polyphony. This exceptional polyphonic capability is indispensable for realistic piano sounds, giving you all the capacity you need for lush, sustained passages.

For additional texture, the A-90EX also provides a generous selection of built-in effects, including several types of reverb and chorus, as well as high-quality EQ.

Expressive 88-key keyboard
The A-90EX employs Roland's proprietary PA-4 88-note hammer-action keyboard, which offers the natural resistance and rebound of an acoustic piano. This remarkable feat of engineering was attained through extensive research into the mechanical characteristics of the world's finest concert grand pianos. To play the A-90EX is to experience an unmatched sensitivity and response to the subtleties of your playing style.

The A-90EX's velocity-sensitive keyboard brings out every nuance of your dynamics, from pianissimo to forte. Selectable velocity curves let you choose the velocity sensitivity that best suits a particular musical style or sound source. The A-90EX's keyboard also offers channel aftertouch-sensitivity -- a powerful function for controlling external sound sources.

Sophisticated features enhance operational ease
The A-90EX offers a range of functions for simple, yet complete control of even the most complex MIDI setup. The ergonomically designed front panel is equipped with large buttons that are easy to locate, even on dimly lit stages. These buttons give you instant control over any element in your setup, from additional sound sources to effects to external sequencers.

While in edit mode, the A-90EX offers one-touch operation. For instance, touch the bender and the edit page automatically switches to the bender parameter; touch the footpedal and you're instantly in the footpedal editing screen.

Eight Keyboard Zones
The 88-note keyboard can be split into a maximum of eight zones -- four for internal and four for external sound sources. The internal zones can be assigned to external devices, making all eight zones available for external devices.

Four Separate MIDI outputs
Unlike parallel outs, these MIDI outs are completely independent, allowing you to operate up to 64 MIDI channels simultaneously.

Total Volume
This slider lets you bring down the volume of your entire MIDI setup without changing the balance between different connected devices.

Global Transpose
Global Transpose lets you transpose all connected sound sources, while the transpositional relationship between the individual sound sources remains intact.

Sequencer Control Section
This function enables you to control external sequencers from the A-90EX's front panel. A separate area on the panel lets you control song selection, tempo and other parameters easily and quickly.

Patch Name Display
This innovative feature displays patch names of external sound sources. A built-in database contains patch lists of the Roland JD-990, JV-1080, Sound Expansion Series, JV-Series and SR-JV80-Series expansion boards, as well as GM/GS sound sources. You can select a list for each zone so that bank selection and program change displays the patch name automatically. You can even customize patch names and store those into the database as well.

Extensive controls
The A-90EX features more than 20 different controls and connectors providing instant access to internal and external devices. Four front panel sliders make it easy to modify parameters over a wide range. A pitch and modulation wheel are provided in addition to the bender. Up to six pedal devices can be connected (four continuous and two switch). Two MIDI inputs, four independent MIDI outputs and one MIDI Thru enable extensive MIDI communication. The A-90EX lets you assign different parameters to these controls, giving you a range of expressive options for performing and managing your setup.

Extensive storage of Performance configurations
The A-90EX can store up to 64 Performances, which may consist of up to four of the A-90EX's preset Patches along with various user-configurable parameters such as zone, effects on/off and MIDI channel. This gives you instant access to a variety of setups, perfect for any gig or session. Using optional M-512E Memory Cards, you can store an additional 64 Performances per card.

The A-90EX's sound source is available independently as the VE-RD1 Piano Voice Expansion Board. The A-90 may be purchased without the VE-RD1, which can be added at any future time. Other optional boards are also available, such as the VE-GS1, which features a wide selection of GM (General MIDI) and GS sounds. Or you can equip the A-90 with synth sounds by installing the VE-JV1 Voice Expansion Board, which offers a range of synth textures from Roland's acclaimed JV-series synthesizers.


  • 88-note PA-4 hammer-action keyboard with aftertouch
  • Powerful digital piano/synthesizer when expanded with the VE-RD1
  • 64-voice polyphony, 128 tones, onboard effects with the VE-RD1
  • True stereo piano samples with the VE-RD1
  • Four MIDI Outs for 64 MIDI channels; eight zones
  • Patch templates for Roland sound modules
  • Also expandable with VE-JV1 or VE-GS1 voice expansion boards
  • Bender; pitch wheel; modulation wheel; 20 assignable controllers
  • 64 user patch locations; 64 additional patches using an M-512E RAM card


  • A-90EX Sound Section (VE-RD1):
  • Sound Generator: RS-PCM synthesis
  • Parts: Four
  • Maximum Polyphony: 64 voices
  • Effects: Reverb, chorus, equalizer
  • Preset Memory:
  • Patches: 128
  • A-90EX/A-90 Common :
  • Keyboard: 88-key (PA-4 hammer-action mechanism with velocity and channel aftertouch-sensitivity)
  • Zones: Internal: 4 + External: 4/External: 8
  • Internal Memory:
  • System setup: 1 User name maps: 4 Preset name maps: 8 Performances: 64 Chains: 10
  • Memory Card (Option): System setup: 1 User same maps:4 Performances: 64 Chains: 10 Manual: 1
  • Display: 3-character backlit LCD, 17-character 2-line backlit LCD
  • Nominal Output Level: Output (balanced): -10dBm
  • Output (unbalanced):-10dBm
  • Output Impedance: Output (balanced): 600W Output (unbalanced): 300W
  • Recommended Load Impedance: Output (balanced): 10kW or greater,
  • Output (unbalanced): 10kW or greater
  • MIDI connectors: In: 2, Thru: 1, Independent Out: 4
  • Foot controller jacks: 2
  • Footswitch jacks: 2
  • Total volume pedal jack
  • Hold pedal jack
  • Output jacks (L(Mono),R)
  • Headphone jack
  • Breath controller jack
  • Memory card slot
  • Power Supply:AC 117V, AC 230V or AC 240V
  • Power Consumption: 15W (AC117V), 20W (AC 230V/240V)
  • Dimensions: 1456(W) x 405(D) x 143(H)mm 57-1/3(W) x 16(D) x 5/3/5(H) inches
  • Weight: 27.3 kg (60lb 4oz)
  • Accessories: Pedal switch: DP-6
  • Options: M-512E Memory Card, RH-20/80/120 Stereo Headphone, EV-5 Expression Pedal, BOSS FS-5U Pedal Switch, VE-GS1, VE-JV1 Voice Expansion Boards

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