Omni Studio 66

Integrated Desktop Recording System
Includes Delta 66 card, Omni I/O box and Software Bundle !
  • 6 in / 6 out to PCI card

  • Additional 8 ins to Mixer Section, with Record Bussing

  • 2 mic preamps with Inserts and Phantom Power

  • FX Send and Return

  • Dedicated Monitor and Record Outs

  • 2 Headphone Outs

  • And More...

The Omni Studio allows you to:
Record: vocals, guitars, keyboards, software synths, loops, samples, turntables, and external FX units.
Monitor: keyboards, MIDI performances, FX sends before recording the FX, using 2 headphones and/or speakers.
Mix: to digital (CD, DAT, minidisk) and cassette without re-patching cables.
The Omni Studio is the ultimate complete recording package for Mac and PC, offering versatility and performance that will change the way you make your music. Designed to let you record, monitor and mix projects, the Omni Studio streamlines your setup and gives you the tools you need to produce music more professionally and easily than ever before.

In addition to needing a great audio card, you want your microphones to sound great, which means you need great mic preamps. Maybe you want to be able to use keyboards, sound modules, or turntables, so now you need a mixer. You're also curious how 'pro' features like channel inserts, record bussing, and FX sends can help your creativity and make life easier. And you're planning on expanding your setup as you go, so you need everything to be open-ended.

We'll make it easy for you.

The Omni Studio not only does all of this, it does a lot more, and for a price that no one can beat. The truth is that you could spend 5 times more than the Omni and still not get where you need to be. The Omni has you covered.

All this and software, too.

We've taken the guess work out of this package. Inside the box you'll find the Maximum Audio Tools software bundle, which features Logic Delta by Emagic. Logic Delta is 24-bit audio and MIDI program that is as powerful as it is elegant, with loads of features that will keep you in your creative groove.

MAT also includes Sonic Foundry's innovative Acid Xpress and Siren Xpress programs (for PC), Mixmeister's DJ mixing program (for PC), Qdesign's MP3 player (for Mac and PC) as well as trial versions of the Antares Mic Modeler, Antares Auto Tune, Arboretum Systems's Ray Gun (vinyl restoration and denoiser), Cycling 74's Pluggo (for Mac). Also included are demo versions of Propellerheads popular programs Reason, ReBirth, and ReCycle.

USB, anyone?

If you're wondering if you can do all of this with your laptop or iMac, the answer is Yes. Just plug the Omni i/o into our USB Audiosport Quattro, and you're ready to go. The Quattro gives you the same audio quality you would expect from any Delta audio card, but over USB, which means no PCI card installation and plug and play convenience.


  • 2 Mic/Inst and 2 line level balanced/unbalanced analog inputs to the Delta 44 or Delta 66 soundcard.
  • 2 Mic/Inst inputs equipped with XLR phantom power, insert I/O jacks, individual gain controls, gain reduction "pad" switch, and signal/clip indicator LEDs.
  • Low impedance mic inputs provide 66dB of gain and utilize M Audio‚s critically acclaimed DMP2 pre-amp technology. They are switchable to hi-impedance instrument inputs with 46dB of gain, ideal for electric/acoustic guitars.
  • The Omni Mic/Inst pre-amp has a frequency response of 10Hz to 200kHz, low THD of .0009%, with a dynamic range of 130dB.
  • Stereo effect return. Mixing Section (all balanced/unbalanced on TRS jacks)
  • Four Delta outputs can simultaneously be used as independent balanced/unbalanced direct outs for use as additional effects sends, alternate mix output, or feeds to a secondary mixer.
  • Four stereo aux inputs for MIDI devices
  • Stereo Aux inputs 1 and 2 can be muted in the mixer and re-routed to the Delta line inputs for easy audio recording of MIDI instruments or other auxiliary inputs.
  • Mix out for recording to a mix deck.
  • Control room outs with independent level control for monitoring.
  • Two headphone outputs with individual level controls.
  • One mono effect send per channel.
  • L/R output signal/clip LEDs.
  • Maximum Audio Tools bundle includes :
    • Emagic Logic Delta 24-bit 96kHz audio and MIDI multitrack application (PC/MAC)
    • GigaSampler LE and MegaPiano (PC)
    • Bitheadz Retro Lite and Unity Piano (PC/MAC)
    • Sonic Foundry's Acid Xpress and Siren Xpress (PC)
    • Mixmeister's DJ mixing program (PC)
    • Qdesign's MP3 player (PC/MAC)
    • and trial versions of the Antares Mic Modeler, Antares Auto Tune, Arboretum Systems's Ray Gun (vinyl restoration and denoiser), and Cycling 74's Pluggo (for Mac).

PC System Requirements:

  • Windows 95, 98 or NT
  • Pentium II 266MHz - (96kHz operation)
  • Pentium 200 MMX - (48kHz or less)
  • 128 MB of PC100 RAM - (96kHz operation)
  • 64 MB of SDRAM - (48kHz or less)

MAC System Requirements:

  • G4, G3 or G3 accelerator
  • 128 MB RAM for 96kHz operation
  • 96 MB RAM for 48kHz operation

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