The K2000VPR, like its predecessor, the legendary K2000R, is a 24 voice, 16 Channel Multi-Timbral, 3-Zone Midi Controller, V.A.S.T.® synthesizer workstation with 32-track sequencer. The K2000VPR is a complete, cost effective, total solution for the first time buyer or accomplished pro. The features, versatility and expandability of the K2000VPR make it the only synth module you will ever need.

Synthesis as we know it is all about limitations. Analog synthesis was expressive but hard to control. Then came digital synthesis which is precise and punchy, but lacking the warmth of analog. Digital sampling can emulate all these technologies (not to mention acoustic instruments) but it can't always capture all their realtime dynamics.

As a result of all these "buts," synth players have always been forced to own a whole stack of instruments - each one great for certain sounds, but not for others.

The launch of Kurzweil's K2000 Series of professional instruments meant the end of synthesis as we know it. The end of limitations.

Sound never before imaginable 
What makes it all possible is a new technology called V.A.S.T. (Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology). V.A.S.T. allows you to take any multisample, noise or waveform and process it using just about any synthesis technique ever devised. And many brand new techniques that are rich in untapped sonic potential. It's like having all known synthesizers under one control panel.

Great synthesized sounds start with great basic sound sources. The K2000VPR is stocked with 8 megabytes of the highest-quality multisamples in Kurzweil history. We went to ancient castles and world-class recording studios to capture each instrument in the best possible sonic environment. Wherever incredible sound is found, we've sampled it for the K2000VPR. And because of the 32-bit internal precision into 18-bit DACs, the sounds are crystal clear.

But that's just the start. You can expand the K2000VPR's sonic base by adding affordable SIMMs chips, which can provide up to 64 megabytes of onboard RAM. The K2000VPR can accept both MIDI standard sample dumps and SCSI sample dumping via SMDI. And there's even a sampling option that will let the K2000VPR sample analog or direct digital sources in stereo. Its timbral possibilities are...well...V.A.S.T..

Control never before possible 
To harness all this sonic clout, the K2000VPR has a user interface that's as thorough as it is easy to use. The edit facilities are extensive. And many key parameters can be modified in realtime, via the front panel or MIDI, for maximum expressiveness and nuance in performance. Performance setups allow the K2000VPR to be used as a formidable MIDI controller, transmitting on up to three MIDI channels. In multitimbral mode, it can operate on all 16 channels simultaneously. And for those who are most comfortable with computer-assisted sound editing and system configuration, the K2000VPR is amply supported by third-party software developers.


Voice architecture on a grand scale. 
The K2000VPR has 24-voice polyphony with up to four oscillators per voice, allowing you to achieve incredibly fat timbres without having to sacrifice voices by layering them. All sound sources are 16-bit linear format. The K2000VPR's 8 megabytes of onboard ROM include 200 sound programs and 168 keymaps, providing essentials such as pianos, strings, brass, guitars, bass, drum kits, percussion, attack transients, loops and waveforms. And that's just the beginning.

31 sound-shaping algorithms. 
The algorithms provide the basic sonic building blocks - a wealth of synthesis techniques. Each algorithm has up to three configurable digital signal processors per voice. These include a wide variety of resonant filters, Eqs, and other DSP functions such as continuous panning, amplitude modulation, crossfade, distortion, digital wrap, waveshaper, pulse width modulation, high frequency enhancement, low frequency oscillators, hard sync oscillators and mixing oscillators. All DSP functions offer realtime control of their parameters through any MIDI control or the flexible internal modulation sources.

High-powered layering and modulation options. 
Programs contain up to three layers except for drum programs, which can contain a big 32 layers, each of which can have its own custom DSP treatment. Internal modulation sources per layer include three eight-segment envelopes with realtime rate control and looping, two attack/sustain/release generators, two LFOs and two velocity triggers. Functions for controlling modulation sources include mixers, negators, invertors, sample and hold, quantize, lag, ramp, shape and many more.

Serious on-board digital effects. 
A true stereo multi-effects processor, capable of four simultaneous effects including reverb, chorus, delay, multitap delay, flange, rotary simulation and a roomful of others.

Flexible output routing. 
Six polyphonic audio outputs, configured as a stereo master pair plus four separate outputs. The separate outs can double as insert points, allowing external effects to be used and returned to the master stereo output pair.

Limitless sound storage. 
There's room for hundreds of user-created programs. Additional programs can be accommodated via the built-in 3.5" floppy disk drive, internal hard drive, or via external hard disks and optical media connected to the K2000VPR's SCSI port.

Total performance control. 
Two switch pedal inputs, one continuous pedal input, two wheels, and one slider. They're all fully programmable so you can play it your way.


  • Kurzweil's legendary V.A.S.T. engine supporting programs 32 layers deep
  • 240 x 64 Backlit Graphic Display
  • 24 voice polyphony (actually a total of 96 oscillators via V.A.S.T. algorithms, 24 of which are sample playback oscillators and the remaining 72 are traditional synth waveform generators
  • 16 Channel Multi-Timbral
  • 3-Zone Midi Control functions in Setup Mode
  • 8 Mb Sound ROM (Expandable to 24 Mb)
  • 120 Kb Program Ram (Expandable to 760 Kb)
  • 2 Mb Sample RAM (SIMMs) (Expandable to 64 Mb)
  • 32-Track sequencer, fully editable, with features like 768 ppq resolution, the Interactive Sequencer Arranger (allowing you to trigger entire sequences right from the keyboard keys), nondestructive track editing and groove quantizing.
  • 200 ROM Programs Stock + 100 Setups (same as those in the 2500 series!) PLUS new "Kurzweil Analog Collection" 30 disk library ($299 Value) which emulates the best analog synthesizers of the last twenty years.
  • Included are over 1,000 classic programs from various manufacturers: Arp, Korg, Moog, Oberheim, Roland, Sequential Circuits, and Yamaha.
  • 8 Audio Outs plus Mix Outs. (18-bit DACs)
  • 2 SCSI ports built-in.
  • Advanced File Management System provides complete hierarchical disk structure and management utilities for unsurpassed data archiving
  • Reads Sample Libraries from Akai, Roland, Ensoniq, as well as reading and writing AIFF and WAVE sample formats
  • Reads and writes Type 0 and reads Type 1 SMF'
  • Dimensions: 16.9" x 13.9" x 5.1" 43cm x 35.4cm x 13cm
  • Weight: 22 lbs 10 kg
  • Suggested List Price: $1795

Upgrade Options:

  • 8 Mb Base Sound ROM expandable to 24 Mb via two optional Expansion Board Blocks: Orchestral Expansion Board (8 Mb) & Contemporary Expansion Board (8 Mb) (Daughter Board required). One or both blocks may be added.
  • 2 Mb Base Sample RAM (SIMMs) expandable to 64 Mb (up to 19 min. of sampling) via standard 30 pin 8-bit, non-composite SIMMs.
  • Upgradeable to full 16 bit Sampler with Analog/Digital Sampling Options (SMP-K). Comprised of 1-bit, 64 times over-sampled A/D converters and 18-bit DACs (standard outputs); this option also adds AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital I/O ports.
  • 120 Kb Base Program RAM - PRAM - (Program & Sequencer memory) expandable to 760 Kb increasing the sequencer's capacity from 30,000 events to 190,000 !
  • Expandable to 8 Drum Channels - 32 Layers deep each - (added automatically with PRAM Option)
  • Connect external hard drives up to 2 GigaByte, internal hard drives up to 850 Mb, and various external CD-ROM Drives.
  • All options must be installed by an authorized Kurzweil service center.
  • All options require installation of FK-1 Fan Kit.
  • Upgradeable operating system. The newest version is v3.87

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