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Midi and Synthesizer devices have for a long time been a major contributing factor to the audio and sound FX heard both in traditional entertainment and media (including television shows, news, movies,etc...). Equally so they have provided a significant amount of value to the gaming entertainment space both conventional gaming (console games) and online gaming (PC games and online gambling type games like poker, online pokies (slots in the rest of the world) and other similar types of games).

It's difficult to imagine a world without the sound FX that comes from synthesizers and midi devices. Can you imagine watching a movie like Terminator 2 without sound FX or audio that goes so well hand in hand with the visual FX. Certainly it would make more sense to mute the movie and watch it without audio.

Here in Australia we have many studios that are reputable and well known for audio production and assisting in the motion picture and the gaming industry to provide high impact audio and audio special FX that largely contribute to the finished product.

The application of sound FX in gaming and in particular terrestrial gaming in relation to casino type games is so impactful on the user experience that companies hire dedicated teams of audio engineers, psychologists and scientists to analyze, interpret and assist in the creation of games that create the most impact on users. Companies like Aristrocrat.com.au who produce games of chance for land based casinos and develop some of the most attractive and engaging online pokies for the Australian market. Take a look below at a youtube video example of an Aristrocrat online pokie game called 5 Frogs (note: this is not an official video from Aristrocrat but rather a video someone has take at a casino).

Just as impactful as seen in the traditional land based gaming industry is the use of audio and special FX that can be found in online casinos. The likes of software development companies that by and large focus on producing exquisite online pokies such as Microgaming and Playtech fill a similar role but for the online gaming industry more specifically. Featured at an online casino portal such as AustralianCasinoSites.com for AU online gambling in real money and free play mode that offers a listings of Microgaming and Playtech sites. These are good for review if you're interested in learning more about how audio, special FX and more specifically synths and mini devices contribute to the underlying gaming exopereince had by players. Even more impaction then the youtube video above is one taken from the Microgaming official channel that can be viewed below. This game in particular offers some amazing audio and special FX that really enhance the gaming experience. Please view this video to see what kind of impact midi, synths and audio in general have online casino games and particularly pokies on the internet.

This page and it's intent is to provide and share some insight into how online entertainment with a particular focus on gaming online has been impacted by the evolution and furthering of the development of audio hardware and software.

Interested in Checking Out the Audio in these Games?

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